What is bonus wagering how to deal with it? 

When people or casinos talks about wagering they mean that you have to bet X amount of money to be able to withdraw your winnings. If you do a raw cash deposit without any bonuses or free spins included you should not have any wagering. If you would use a casino bonus there are close to always you have a wagering requirement, so now you may ask how do I complete the wagering? Here’s the answer – if you have 100€ bonus money that needs to be wagered 25 times you will have to make a total of 2500€ on spins. This takes some time but when you are using bonuses you often have a edge on the house so its still worth to use I would say.

What does Return to Player (RTP) mean?

RTP stands for return to player, its used when you are playing slots and is what it says. The RTP is calculated over millions of times and it tells how much you will get back from the slot – lets say the RTP is 96% and you bet 100€ you technically should get 96€ back in wins. The thing you have to take in mind though is that they are shared with everyone so you will not be winning as much as stated above most of the times. If you want to know RTP of any slot take a look at our RTP Table.

Why should you care for volatility in slots?

The volatility is also a word used when talking about slots often. When you look at the volatility you are looking for high or low stages. If you play a high volatile slot it often means that you dont win that often but you could win very big on thoose ones – check out novomatics and mercury casino providers for high volatility games. You should play thoose games when you are on a bonus, that often makes it easier to get to a bigger balance to then go over to low volatility games with higher bets since you gets paid more often and then will have a high chance of staying on same balance with high wagering.