How do you know when a slot machine will hit?

The million dollar question

I assume you are here to find out on how to know when you will win on a slot machine. Sadly I can inform you that there is no answer on that question. If someone would have the answer to that question he would have the golden key to unlimited money. You can find some indicators and also choose the right slot if you are looking for the most return on your money. Playing slots is not a way to earn money though, it is a fun experience where you have the opportunity to win the jackpot. If you are looking for great jackpots check out ourĀ top slot jackpots in 2019 to be won list. Use sign-up bonuses and also watch out for free spins that the casinos offers through SMS or other type of platforms.

Choose the right slots with high RTP

Find slots with high RTP if you are looking for return of your money. This is not something that is guaranteed but the return to player increase the money the slot pays out. We have a list of slot reviews where you can sort between different option. If you are new to casinos and are looking for some great bonuses you have some above, otherwise you can check out our casino bonuses list. There you can find some great deposit bonuses and also some new casinos that is offering some great bonus spins.