Jon Olsson – Leo Vegas Ambassador and Influencer

Jon Olsson ambassador of Leo Vegas

You may have seen it; you may have heard about it – the Leo Vegas ambassadors. This is peoples that connects up with Leo Vegas mostly pretty high influential persons. One of those ambassadors is Jon Olsson, the famous Swedish skier, and a very famous vlogger. He also drives a business called Douchebag – where he makes smart bags for traveling.

He has a 3-year agreement for 450.000 euros to show off Leo vegas associated with things he does. They did a really cool thing where Leo vegas were sponsored Jon Olsson with things to build an amazing car, a Lamborghini Huracan – the world’s fastest Huracan. You can check a vlog of Jon Olsson where he shows this off. You can read more about him and his adventure at

Jon Olsson Leo Vegas Lamborghini

Most of the people that follows Jon Olsson has seen the famous Leo Vegas Lamborghini Huracan that was revealed back in 2016. We can assume that this was partly paid for by Leo Vegas due to the heavy branding. The details of the contract is not fully declared but we know that he was paid €450,000 over 3 years to attend events, post on social medias and with this car it seems like it also includes branding on luxury products.

Introduction about Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas is one of the top casinos out there – they have been around for a long time and are very established, so this is a very legit and great casino. This article will list some info regarding their bonuses and mention some cool stuff they did over the years. We also promote Leo vegas to check out the exclusive bonus we provide for you at their site.

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About Leo Vegas bonuses and how they works

Leo Vegas provides you with a bonus that is called a non-sticky bonus. The non sticky bonus is the one everyone should search for and is the best one out there. This bonus works like a incurance – lets say you deposit 100 euro with a 200% bonus. Then you start to play with your deposit, so if you win big in the start you can just cancel the bonus and cash out right away. If you would go under your initial deposit the bonus kicks in. So then when you normally would have lost you get 200 euro extra to play from (since you had 200% on that 100 euro you deposited) and will start to wager right away. They have a wager requirment of 35x so thats also very good.