Novomatics – where the millions are made!

Novomatics – one of the favorite slot provider!

Novomatics is one of the most unique slot provider out there and gives you all that you need. They have a endless potential of paying but also a risk to be dead cold for a long time – the best way to achive a big cashout! In this article we will go thorugh alot of topics that is relevant for the Novomatic lovers!

Facts about Novomatic as company.

The Novomatic provider comes from Austria and mostly provides games for European and South American customers. Their company is pretty old and have been a heavy weigther in the development of the casinos, they have been around since 1980. At this time they mostly focused on landbased machines. Today they have over 25 000 employees over the world in over 45 countries. Those numbers talks a bit for them self – its a very big company in this segment and they provide high quality slots for alot of peoples out there. Besides providing casinos they also do produce high-tech equipment. Now on the later years they have focused alot more on the online casino market instead of the landbased. It’s a provider that does not show up at alot of casinos but the casinos that have the novomatics are often called “Novomatic casinos” since the players on that casinos mostly play novomatics. They are not listed on the stock market as of today but they may go into the market soon, you never know.

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Novomatic slots and bonuses

Novomatic has over 200 different slots out there so its alot of different bonuses and features that are provided read more about it at our novomatic review. One thing to remember though out of thoose 200 there are alot of reskin slots where they just taken a slot and made another layout and animations on them. Novomatic also provides many versions of the same slot – for example a slot could have more reels, more lines, different feature with more multiplier and such. This makes the slots really interesting since you can choose what typ of mode you are in and play from that. One common bonus in the novomatic world is that you get a multiplier with the wilds and make the game pay you like 3x more from each wild so they stacks up also. Another feature that is very common is that you get a symbol wich expands if you have 2 or 3 of them – this usally pays alot and you also have a very big chance of retriggers when you are in a novomatic bonus.

Novomatic on the mobile

Some of you may wounder if it is possible to play Novomatics on your phone. I can tell you that its possible! You can have a iPhone, Android, Window Phone or iPad – yeah pretty much every device you can think of and play novomatics. This is a great way to be able to play even if you are not at home – nothing would feel better then to sit on the train or the bus and get a 1000x bonus!

Conclusion of novomatics

So yeah as you can tell by the article above novomatics has pretty much everything you need and you are able to play it from home, on the bus and even when you are out on a party. Its a very stable slot provider that you always can relie on. Make sure to have fun while playing and never play for more then you can afford! Also make sure to check their homepage out