Reel races – get better RTP by playing slots

Today we gonna bring up a topic that I would say is pretty new and that is slot races also called reel races. This is a very great way to get higher RTP when playing the slots since you are able to win huge prices by just spinning at the slot that they choosed for you. So you may now ask what is the reel races and where can I participate in thoose? I will now explain this for you!

So the reel races is a thing that some casinos have today, one of them is Rizk┬áthat are very good on doing reel races or as they call them Rizk Race. To participate in a Rizk Race you will need to have a account at Rizk, if you don’t have it you can get one here. Once you have registered a account you just have to login and in the left menu click for “Rizk Race” and there you will find all the races that currently are up. Check wich one you would like to join (there are different slots and prices in the races). There are normally around 200-500 spins with a minimum bet of 0.5 euro requirement to play the race. So the goal here is to win as much money as possbile to gain points and the ones with the highest point by the end of the race wins prices – below I will post a picture of some reel races and what prices there are.

So as you can see in the picture above there is one race at the Goldilocks slot with a first price of 1000 euro – this means that you have a huge potential to win some extra money by just playing slots that you like!

Have a great time until next time and I hope that you will have great luck with your casino journey!