Best withdrawal methods in online Casinos

Review of the best withdrawal methods for Casino

It often happens that we mainly think about the different ways to get money to the system because we want to start playing as soon as possible. However, when a good run arrives or we win a jackpot, withdrawal methods in online Casinos can become somewhat confusing.

Payment methods and their speed vary from casino to casino, and we know that you would like to get your money as quick as possible when you win.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the things you should keep in mind, as well as popular systems and some tips to reduce waiting times when withdrawing your money.

About this, the first variable that has to do with the amount of time it takes to receive a payment from an Internet casino is how long it takes the house to process the request. The next variable is the time that each particular retirement method takes.

The problem usually lies in the amount of time that each online casino takes to approve your withdrawal request, and the only thing you can do about this is to look for reputable casinos where requests are processed quickly.

Different methods Accepted By Casinos

There are many withdrawal methods in online Casinos available to take your earnings out, the options may depend on your location and the offer that each casino handles, but rest assured that the release and delivery times of the payments are more or less the same for most houses.


The e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller or Skrill are, by far, the fastest common systems to withdraw your money from a casino on the Internet.

The money from your payment will be instantly credited to your account as soon as the online casino has approved and processed the withdrawal request, and for this type of transaction, the waiting time is usually less than 48 hours.

However, you should consider that the usability of the wallet is limited and that even having the money in that account, you will have to mobilize it to your bank account to be able to use it normally.

In addition, some wallets can apply extra fees and restrictions for large sums of money, and in the case of PayPal, it may even retain the money until they are sure it wasn’t earned through illegal activities.


In the virtual world, encrypted currencies with P2P processes such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, ETH and others have become quite popular for making payments and withdrawals of different types of services.

Online casinos are not exempt from this, and many of the big casinos accept withdrawals in this type of currency, especially in BTC or own coins.

For these cases, withdrawals tend to be approved in about 24-48 hours, just as with credit cards and E-Wallets, and the transaction should be effective immediately. However, there are still a few casinos that work with this type of resources.

Credit card withdrawals

You can receive your money through the credit card which you used for the deposit. This is a valid payment system in some online casinos and is as quick as using an e-wallet account although some online casinos take longer to approve withdrawals directed to credit cards than to e-wallets. People like this option because it is a quick to use the money once withdrawn, making it harder to spend it right back at the casino. 

Bank transfers

They are a popular system too because they are safe and the money is deposited directly into your bank account.

The problem with this method is that the money can take between a week and up to 15 days to appear in your bank account, added to this, is the fact that these tend to have higher fees. Not convenient at all to take out small amounts of money!

ACH Bank Transfer (Only Available In USA Located Casinos)

There is a special star among withdrawal methods in online Casinos in the United States. ACH is an electronic security system by stamps used by basically every online casino of the country, this serves to make special transfers inside and outside the house. However, it is usually restricted, and you will be required to make a deposit by this method before you can make withdrawals for it.

Additionally, this method is instantaneous, and its approval period is quite short.

Traditional checks sent by mail

These are another very popular payment system, but they depend directly on the place where you live and the physical location of the casino, in other words, a paper check could take weeks to reach you!

In addition, if your withdrawal is processed in a foreign bank, it can generate other inconveniences, such as a larger wait while the banks work to check that everything is in order.

How To Receive The Money Faster?

To make things easier, we present you some tips that you should consider if you want to speed up the withdrawal process or even just make it more convenient.

  • Always look for the casinos with the best reputation, usually those that approve the withdrawals more quickly.
  • Make sure you read the withdrawal conditions of the casino, some casinos do not allow more than 2000 $ -10000 $ per day and may even have profit and/or withdrawal limits for periods of time.
  • Use fast withdrawal means such as E-Wallets, Cryptocurrencies or your credit card.
  • If you already know that you will need part of the money that is in the casino, make a withdrawal request for the amount you need a week before to avoid problems if the terms are extended.
  • Keep in mind that all methods except for some cryptocurrencies involve a fee, which tends to be higher for physical checks and transfers depending on the amount.

Finally, some VIP clubs in the casinos offer special withdrawals to their players, and it is well worth investigating if the gaming site you are betting on offers some extra services.

Only you know your style, make sure to choose the casino that, along with having the games and juicy bonuses you want, will allow you to manage your earnings as best as possible and go out, have fun and make money!