What is a reload bonus and should I use it?

Reload bonuses – here we explain everything!

So in this article we will go trough what the reload bonuses is and why you should use them and also when you might not want to use them. This is something that are getting more popular as the casino market grows since the casinos with best bonuses usually is the ones that get the most players. We will list some of the casinos that we promote wich includes a reload bonus later also so make sure to check them out. Lets jump right into what the reload bonus is and everything around it!

The explanation of reload bonuses and the different types

When a casino offers you a bonus with the reload on it what does that actually means? It gives you multiple bonuses on a certain amount, lets say they offer 3 reloads – one 200% and two 100% with a max amount of 1000 euros you will be able to make three different deposits with a bonus on it but you cant exceed the 1000 euro amount. Pretty sweet right? Yeah indeed it is, this is something that gives you the possibility to divide your deposits over more bonuses. As the time of this post there is not to many casinos that offers a reload bonus but our list always updates so you find the latest casinos that provides the reload bonus below.

There are also casinos that use a certain amount of bonus money per reload so always make sure to check the terms of the bonus to make sure you don’t loose the bonus. We always recommend our players to read the terms and conditions on every casino that seems interesting. If you break the ToS the casino has the rights to block you from making a withdrawal or add up extra wager to your bonus. Imagine you win a big amount of money and when you initiate the withdrawal it gets canceled because you have made a spin over the max bet or played games that you were not allowed to.

Free spins or percentage bonus are the most common ones when we are talking about reload bonuses and out of those two the percentage bonus is almost always the right choice. Free spins some times comes wager free and are then worth pretty much if you are looking to increase you cash balance before starting you session.

When should I consider using a reload bonus?

Here at CasinoCyclop we are always looking to get the best values out of every bonus as possible and the reload bonus is very high on the list. If you are a person that is playing mostly for fun and just throw in a couple of euros when you are playing the reload bonuses is awesome since it gives you the possibility to do more then one deposit with bonus. I would suggest pretty much all players to use this bonus if you are looking to play some but as mentioned above make sure to read the ToS so you are sure that everything is done correctly.

Casino bonuses is a great tool to give you extra time to play and if you are lucky you will be able to finish the wager in time and make a sweet cashout. If you on the other hand only are after cashout I would not suggest you use a bonus besides the non-sticky bonuses that are provided since you will most likely not be able to wager. People that manage to wager mostly make a huge cashout since it requires a lot of money to finish it.

Where can I find casinos that offers reload bonuses?

We mentioned it before that the reload bonuses is a thing that is growing and more casinos are adapting to add this to their bonus plans. For now there is not a whole lot of casinos with reload bonuses but we will list the ones we promote below and the list will always be up to date so we add in more casinos as the time go. If you did not find something suitable for you below make sure to check out all of the casinos we promote at our casino bonus section.

Casinos with reload bonuses

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Reload Bonus
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UP TO 100€
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