Novomatic and Merkur banned from Germany

Novomatic and Merkur is not playable in Germany 2018.

A while ago it got announced that they will remove two of the most popular slot providers from the german market. This is with a tear in our eyes we report this since it will effect the market overall alot. Stargames also announced that they will close down. The reason for this is unknown currently but we think that it might have to do with the shutdown of Novomatics. Stargames was focusing on being the best novomatic provider out on internet and always had the latest slots released first. The reslut of the shutdown for Stargames was bad, they loose one of their biggest country and had to close down.

We at CasinoCyclop is really sad with this news since we really liked Stargames. Hopefully the slot providers will come up with a good solution on how to keep the providers in germany in the coming months. I’ve read that it might get fixed if the slot providers get a german license they will be avaiable to play again. If you are from germany and are looking for some other great casino bonuses make sure to check out our list of the best casino bonuses.

The future of slots in 2018

We are in the start of a new year with alot of fun to look forward to. This was not the best start of the 2018 casino market but im sure we will get something back. Hopefully this gets solved and german players will be able to play again but im sure some other providers will come and also the current providers will develop alot of cool slots in 2018. 2017 was one of the best years in the casino industry if you are looking on the development overall. Twitch casino section was launched to entertain all the casino fans, our youtube channel that promotes twitch streamers and also highlights big wins from different players reached over 300 subscribers and a total of 100.000 views in 2017 – make sure to check it out at youtube.

Some great casinos was released and the old ones have also adopted some great new features as gamification, level systems and alot of great rewards for the players. Hopefully this is something we will see grow alot in the coming year. We at CasinoCyclop are also excited to see what our journey will be in the late 2018. We are aiming to provide you with the best details of the casino market and give you the best experience possible.