Everything you need to know about gamification

The introduction

Gamification may be a word that you have heard before but did not know what it is. Here we will dive deeper into the word and explain what it means and give you some expamples where it’s used. The word itself is pretty self explained and it means that they add a type of minigame into their platform to make it more entertaining to play. Besides the fun it usually gives you rewards when you acomplish something. Lets get into the topic and explain it for you! For the best bonuses and the latest news make sure to follow us on facebook.

Explanation of gamification

Gamification is something that is really exciting and is something that are growing alot. The time you might read this post it may have grown alot but today we will talk about the actuall meaning. Gamifications is basically something that casinos build into their platform to make it more interactive for the players. The basic often start with levels where you gain rewards for each level you gain on the casino. Many casinos also provide the players with higher levels better bonuses, more free spins and such. Some casinos have made it more then just levels, they have added adventures where you fight monters and other things to gain rewards. Lets continue into how to gain experinece to be able to use the gamification in the next section!

How to progress in the adventures?

As you might have figured by now you will have to do something to progress, so what might it be? Of course you will have to spin on the slot machines and for each spin you gain a certain amount of experience. The experience gained for each spin is calculated from the bet size and the bigger you bet the more experinece you gain. When you reached a certain amount you will be rewarded with something in the most cases. This gives the casinos the possibility to keep the players on the site instead of just gaining the peoples that is looking for register bonus. Make sure to check out our casino bonuses and reviews if you are looking for some new casinos!

The future of gamification

From the start to now we have seen a very great progress. It all started out with just levels. You increased in level and that was it. No rewards nothing. Just a few weeks after they added up rewards when leveling up and also rewarded you with better promotion deals. Today we have seen mini games where you actually play an adventure and are rewarded by doing so. As you can tell the future should look bright, we are going to see alot of new stuff. In 2018 gamification will be one of the main things that casinos will focus on – trust me!