How to compare casino bonuses and casino

Today we will look into how to compare different casino bonuses and what to watch out for before you choose the correct bonus for you. We will cover everything from bonus amount, how much you are able to get, max bet size, different terms and wagering in this article. If you want to check out our favourite casinos you could check out our casino bonus page. So lets dive into the reason of the article, learn how to get the best bonuses out there.

Bonus amount (how many precentage do you want?)

So the first thing you should consider is how big of a bonus do you want? The higher precentage amount will also come with a bigger wager requirment, for those who dont know what wager is we will cover it later here. So basically the bigger bonus the is you get less chance to cashout and mostly you will go broke. If you manage to wager the bonus you most likely have a very good balance – the normal bonus size is 100% and I personally like the 100-200% bonuses since they have a pretty good chance to get wagered and you will have a sweet cash out.

Max bonus amount

Now when we know how big bonus we want we always should keep our eyes open for the max bonus amount. Some casinos limits you to around 50 euro bonus wich means if you deposit 30 euro with a 200% you will only get 50 euro instead of 60, this could be frustrating when you want your full bonus amount so always make sure to check so the casino could cover the bonus amount you are looking for. You can always try to contact the live support and ask them if its possible to get a better bonus and some times they will agree on giving you a more benefitial bonus.

Max bet size

This part is very important so make sure to read it carefully. Many casinos have something that is called max bet size wich basically makes you limited to a certain amount money per spin. If you bet more then the max bet some casinos will not allow you to withdraw your money and others increase the wager requirment alot. Many people have been falling into this and the casinos uses this to their advantage. You should always be able to see in the terms and conditions if the casino has a max bet on your bonus and also the amount. If you want to make sure you could always contact the live support of the casino and ask them – I actually recommend you doing this, imagine you win very big and you wont be able to withdraw the money just because you made some high bets. I would be very disapointed and should have blamed myself for not checking this before. Always make sure you have all the information you need!

Different bonuses – no-sticky, sticky bonus.

We have now different types of bonuses with the two most commons ones that is a sticky or a no-sticky bonus. So now you might wonder wich one is the best, wich should I pick? Dont worry, we got you covered! Personally I would always reccomend to look for no-sticky bonuses since they provides the best value. You could say that its a ensurance if you loose all the money that you deposit you will get to the bonus balance and from there you will have to start to wager, so if you win big initally you can withdraw all the money that you deposited and won. Note though that you will cancel the bonus and you will not be able to withdraw the bonus money either. The sticky bonus makes you star wager instantly wich also could be good if you just grind alot and then win big, but I would still prefer the no-sticky one!


So the final thing we will go through today is the wagering. What is wagering and how do I manage to complete it? Its pretty simple, the casinos that offers a bonus always comes with a wager requirement. If you get 10 euros in bonus and the wager is 35 times the bonus money you will have to spin for 350 euro before you will be able to cashout the bonus. This is not a imposible task and I have manage to wager alot of times. The casinos has this thing to prevent peoples to abuse the system and also to make it less risky for them to hand out bonuses.
For the final word I would just thank you for reading the post and hope that you found it interesting. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you just feel like dropping a line. We at casinocyclop are wishing you a awesome day!