Slots with Megaways explained

Megaways the most popular slot feature

Megaways is something that is just a couple of years old. There are more and more slots that are released with megaways instead of the normal way with a certain amount of lines. The megaways feature is basically a replacement of the regular lines that is always a set number. This way of counting lines was invented by Big Time Gaming. They have claimed a license for it so if a slot provider wants to use the megaways they need approval. It could sound bad that they own the license of it since there will not be too many slots that have Megaways. Personally, I would say that it is a great thing if you look at slots like Book of Dead, Book of Ra and Book of Maya. their feature is used in over 50 different slots which make the value of the feature gets lost a bit. Below you find some casinos that offers slots with megaways.

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How Megaways works

Megaways is how many ways you can win on, the ways you get is random for each spin which makes it more exciting and they could vary a lot. One of their slots called Bonanza has above 117,469 winning lines as max. You are always looking for the maximum amount of lines to get the best chance of winning. To understand why this is so good you also have to understand how the winnings work.

We say you get a full line of a symbol with one symbol on each reel and the slot has 5 reels. Then you just take 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 since it is just one symbol on each reel, this will just give you 1 * the winning amount for that line. If you instead of just getting a full line with 2 symbols on each reel then you multiply 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 which is equal to 32. That will give you 32 * the winning amount for that line. That is the interesting part, let’s say you got 2 symbols on each reel and 3 on one. Then you will have the win multiplied by 48 instead of 32. Now you should understand the potential of those games.

Why Megaways is like jackpot games

Many people compare the slots with ways instead of lines with jackpot slots since the max win on slots that has megaways is often very high, the highest win I have seen on bonanza is 11,700 times the bet amount – it is one of the biggest wins I ever have seen, in this video we feature Daskelelele when he won 100,000 euros in the bonanza bonus. By reading the section above you also get a feeling of how volatile this slot machine is.

Megaways slots in 2023

In 2023 the MegaWay slots has become very popular and you can see an increased demand as well. Today you can find multiple slot providers that has this feature included in their slots. This is due to the licensing that we mentioned before. A lot of slot provider companies have decided to rent the feature from Big Time Gaming.  We do enjoy this feature and know that most people that give it a shot loves it!