How to play slots for free and win real money?

The most frequently asked question I get is how to play slots for free and win real money? Today we gonna give you the answer and also some good sites that you can try out. So how could this be a possible thing even you might ask yourself. Well the casino market is extremly competetive and that makes the players worth for them. So they give out different type of bonuses when you register, a very common bonus is the deposit bonuses. If you deposit money you will get you money doubled or even trippled sometimes. But for the register bonus its a varity of rewards as free money that needs to be wagered or free spins that either turn into free money that you either could withdraw or play further with.

The casino offers sent through SMS

Something that you should be aware of is casinos that are greatful for their players also sends out offers through SMS with different type of things. The one you should be looking out for if you are there for the free money is free spins. Sometimes the free spins is wager free wich are the best ones. If you win some money during the free spins you will be able to withdraw them right away if you reached over the minimun withdrawal for the casino. The other one comes with a wager and thoose requires you to first win on the free spins then afterwards you will have to wager this money most commonly 20-35 times the win amount from the free spins. This gives you the opportunity to win even more money or you will loose them. Either way you will have a great time and you had a chance to make a withdrawal. Thoose offers are sent from time to time so make sure to register for some casinos and enable the SMS notifications from the casino!

Giveaways from companies and twitch casino streamers

This is the last topic I gonna bring up for the day and its also a great way to earn free spins or just pure money to play with. As mentioned in the start of this article the casinos that care for the players are usually want to keep the players active. A good way to give back some to the players is to use influencers such as youtubers or twitch streamers by giving them the opportunity to hand out some nice rewards for their crowd. I have participated in alot of different giveaways and they are promoted over at the twitch casino section. One more thing that you could do is to check out for different streamers loyalty programs. They reward viewers that are loyal and watch their stream alot, you are basicly rewarded with points for spending time in their channels and are able to buy free spins with those points.

Our best deals

So to conclude this article we first want to thank you for reading and also hope you found the information usefull. Below we list some of our best options to get free spins ot just pure money to play with.