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Thrills Casino is one of them all but still they have some unique thouches with their design and functionallity of their site. They provide the players with good bonuses and also super spins. So you may ask – what is super spins? Its free spins with extra boost since they are worth 10x as much as normal free spins – the are worth 1 euro a spsin. You will recive 5 super spins during 4 days with a total of 20 super spins! With this said Thrills is a very nice casino with great variation of games and a very cool thing that is calles Lightning Leauge. The Lightning Leauge is a nice way to make some extra RTP since you just play a slot of their choice and are able to win prices by just playing. So make sure to check them out and always have fun while playing.

Thrills Casino available slot providers

Below you will find Thrills different slot providers. We always update the list to be as up to date as possible. The casinos always tried to sign more prodviders to their casinos since it improves their quality alot and attracts alot of players.

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Malta, UK

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